"Cut Your Own" New York Strip

Cut your own New York Strip steaks or serve them as a premium roast!
Sale $4.00/lb. savings
Avg. 2.1 lb.

"Cut Your Own" Ribeyes

Cut your own Ribeye Steaks
Sale $4.00/lb. savings
Avg. 2.6 lb.


Avg. 2 lb.
Sale $2.00/lb. savings
Avg. 2.4 lb.

Box - Date Night Special

Start with Filet Mignon, settle in with Sunday roasts while you sleep in! (recipes included!)
SALE $11.00 savings

Box - I see London, I see France!

A generous 4.5-lb London Broil, 2 lbs of Filet Mignon and many more favorites!
Sale $24.98 savings

Box - Shoulder to Shoulder

Three Shoulder Roasts, Two New York Strips, and a handful of your favorite "quick and easy" meal starters
Sale $12.00 savings

Box - Sirloin Tip Box (15 pound assortment)

15 pounds of your favorite Eden Pure Beef, featuring Sirloin roast and sirloin steak!
Sale $12.81 savings


2-pound roast fits in your crock pot or smoker with ease!
Avg. 2.15 lb.

Brisket (Large)

1.24-pound "mini" brisket
Avg. 8.35 lb.